Sunday, 4 March 2007

Install Ubuntu Server in 500 MB disk space

Your Ubuntu old pc
The follows steps describe the installation of Ubuntu Server 6.06

  • Download the Ubuntu iso image, from : link
  • Burning the iso image and insert the cd in your CDRom

  • Installation Ubuntu Operating System

Press "Esc" key to access text-mode installation mode

  • Partition your hard disk

Select "Manually edit partiton table"

Select the free space to partiton

Select "Create a new partiton"

Insert in percent the size, 10% for swap partiton

Select "Primary"

Select "End"

Select "Use a:"

Select "Swap Area"

Select "Done setting ........ "
Now you have to create a root partiton, select the free space and follows the last step : "Create a new Partiton", confirm the size, "Primary", "Beginning", "Done Setting up ........ "

Confirm the size and select "Conntinue"

Select "Done setting ......... "

Select "Finish partitioning ........ "

Select "Yes"

  • Set a user account

  • Start the installation

Now Ubuntu server is installed

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